We at Ahara Ghee, were having a "Goldilocks" problem....our butter source was great (cultured, organic, grassfed...), but there was something just not quite the right fit. This came down to the churn itself and the size of the farm producing the cream. After much searching, we were able to find exactly what we were looking for.  A company that works with a small farm, with lush grass, who cultures in an old fashioned vat overnight, and churns with an old style churn. While it may seem silly that the style of churn matters, it does. Ayurveda recognizes the need for slow churning to create friction to ignite the "agni" or fire principle. This is what truly makes ghee a digestive aid. Amazingly, it also has an incredible effect on the flavor compared to industrial churning methods. We switched our source to the Sierra Nevada Cheese Company, March 1st, 2016

"Ahara Rasa" (Ah-hah-rah  Ruh-Sah) means "the essence of food" in Sanskrit. It is the end product of good digestion and the subtle energy derived from your food, rather than the mass itself.

Ahara Ghee is committed to the traditional process of ghee outlined in the Charak Samhita ( the ancient text of Ayurvedic Medicine). This process specifies that ghee should be made from Makhan (cultured butter) where the cream is first turned to yogurt before being churned into butter. ARG also makes the ghee in small batches, over open flame rather than in large steam kettles like much of the other ghee on the market. Mantra is chanted and played during the entire process of ghee making to insure a saatvic (peaceful) and energetically healthy product.

We are confident that these fastidious and specific rules by which we create our ghee make for a better tasting, healthier and more medicinally viable ghee that you will feel in every cell and be proud to feed your family. Thank you for supporting artisan food!